Monday, May 15, 2017

I love my children and I tell them I sayang them all the time, but I'm not really the type who ask them back- Do you love Mommy?
My husband is that type. So he got all the love (verbally) from my son, especially, since he's the only who can talk among the two, and as everybody knows, they have this special bond. So, whenever Daddy is around, Mommy can't go near, cannot kacau, can't even talk to Daddy because my son adores him so much, I'm considered the third wheeler.

Daddy enjoys this very much, of course. He feels special. I am there for my son on most days, but when he comes home, it is 'Mommy, go away!'

Today, just for fun, I asked my son, "Sayang Daddy ke Mommy?"
Wow! This is something new. A progress. In fact, I am gonna treat this like the best Mother's Day gift ever!

Before I put him to sleep, I asked, "Suka Mak Su ke, suka Mama Na (both are his aunts)?"
And he said, "Suka Mommy lah!"
Oh, my heart melted. Second strike!

Didn't expect that kind of answer at all, so I said, "Thank you."


Last week, we were getting ready to go out. I put on my lipstick and checked myself in the mirror.

Me: Abang K, Mommy cantik tak?
Son: Tak cantik!
Husband: Haha! Daddy?
Son: Daddy cantik.
Me: Daddy tu tak cantik. Daddy tu hitam!
Son: Daddy hitam tapi cantik!
Husband: Hahaha!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

I am seriously convinced my firstborn is what we call- a high-need child.

It is so tiring to layan his kerenah, special in his own way...

He stubbornly refuses to go poo in the toilet still, and wants his diapers.

The other day, there were guests in our house and he pooped.

Problem is- he refused to be washed.

He cried and cried and I was so patient with him.
I didn't want to yell because the guests might hear.
I also didn't want him to continue screaming because the guests might think: what kind of mother who lets her child scream and cry.

So, I dragged him quietly, pinched him, gave him my stern, serious face, and whispered loudly that I will wash him and please stop crying.

After that, he continued to cry...Oh, my, my son can really cry for hours, I tell you...And with my daughter who also didn't want to share attention and cries whenever I am out if her sight (she's at that age now)...

Anyway, at least he was all clean now, so I closed the door. I laid down and...I pretended to pass out.
Yep, just I ignored everybody.

After a few minutes, I thought my son would panic. Or, you know, I expected him to try save me, like the viral videos about kids who saved their parents...

But, he just went, "Mommy! Mommy! Mommmyyyyy!!!" and he shook me a bit...

Then, he fell asleep.
My daughter just continued to breastfeed.


Saturday, April 1, 2017

My daughter just turned one and she is so cute!

She is small, unlike her big brother when he was at that age...
But, my daughter is so clever.

Before she hit one, she was already shaking and nodding her head appropriately.

It's so easy now because she could understand me and I could simply ask her what she wants.

Sometimes, I am talking to my son, but she will be answering me too.
Comel sangat!
Dahlah suka joget pula tu.

Me: Abang K, lapar tak? Nak makan?
Baby H nods her head.
Me: Baby H, I am talking to Abang K, not you!

So cute, she's like a doll...Dahlah rambut masih halus je...
And she is already walking like a pro.
Very playful too...

I remember when she was 8 months old, she was fussy during her bedtime. Until I had enough and scolded her. Like a teenager, she kept quiet and pretended to close her eyes until she really fell asleep. No need Mommy to pat her butt.
Tau pun takut bila Mommy mengamuk...

I should take her photos more often lah.
My son thinks the moon likes to follow him around.

Son: Kenapa moon tu ikut Abang K?
Me: Dia nak friend dengan Abang K...

Then, the car stopped at the traffic light.

Son: Kenapa moon tu stop juga?

I still remember the time when I thought the moon was following me.

Remember when I said I wanted to teach my children the truths and no fairytales?
Well, I can't.
I love watching the innocence in their eyes.

Last night, the moon was crescent.

Son: Daddy, kenapa moon tu patah?
Son: Daddy, siapa cabut muka moon?


Monday, February 27, 2017

Been super busy, but my kids are growing up so fast!

The baby is already taking a few steps!

And the boy...

Daddy: Abang K nak pergi school?
Boy: Tak nak! Nak makan sayur je!
Me: Kenapa nak makan sayur je?
Boy: Nak pandai, makan sayur je. Tak nak pergi school.

Wow. I praise his penaakulan mantik! Haha.

And...He does not even eat veges.
I can already imagine myself having to deal with his lame excuses when he's much older.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Same problem every year: don't know what to get for my dear husband's birthday.

I have been having bouts of burst tears lately, it makes me think whether I am pregnant again. Haha. My husband doesn't think so, but I have to check, just in case.

Anddd...I'm kinda involved in a case of a mother who was about to sell her baby...I'm so angry because I feel like I need to save the babies, but the babies are actually going to good homes...I also feel like I need to save the mothers, but they are all doing it willingly, for the money...

The only way is to stop the demand. But, there will always be couples who are desperate for babies.

So, yeah, my drama of the week.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Watched a video about refugees- mother and son got separated in order to live.

I can't imagine myself going through such ordeal. Me, not knowing how to contact my children, not knowing whether they are alive or not, not knowing whether I can ever meet them again...?

It's as worst as dying.

Oh, Allah, protect us all.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Define sedeqah.

Me: Abang, I tengah lunch dekat Restoran XXX. Haha. Kerja sini kena guna banyak duit.
Husband: Tak apa, sedekah.
Me: Sedekah? Hari-hari makan luar. Tak boleh nak save duit!
Husband: Makan dekat luar tu, kira sedekah lah...

One of the reasons why I love him is the way he views certain situations which are different from me.
I need that. I need someone who opens my mind.
During year end sales, I started browsing Instagram. As you know, I had been avoiding Instagram because I felt I already spend so much time on Facebook, I didn't need another distraction. Unfortunately, I succumbed because a lot of those Hijabista sales were more active on Instagram.

(I kan on the way to be more syariah compliant now)

Anyway, I'm regretting right now. Because I stumbled the lives of the rich and fabulous, and I'm looking at myself like...Errr...


I still don't have a single post on Instagram though, because my life is not so exciting, duh...

So, what's been going on?
Well, I have quite a number posts as drafts, all half-written, because I usually wait until the kids go to bed, but by that time, I would end up too sleepy to write. Haha. Typical mom problem.

I work in a new place! I serve the so-called elites now. So far, it has been okay. But the stress...
After a month long at home (another story), I keep comparing how happier I was at home, how more organized the kids were...At least, at home I don't get to be all stressed up to prepare slides for meetings, write reports etc.

I'm sure there are different kinds of stress being a housewife, but you don't have datelines, don't you?

Enough of that.

What else...
Hmmm...My husband bought a handbag for me, yeay, because I like it.

And I am really looking forward for our holiday in April! Yeay!

Oh, my firstborn is still not in school because I wasn't scouting since I thought we would be in my husband's hometown! Sekali tengok-tengok, dapat kerja sini pulak. Habis spoil semua plan, but indeed Allah is the best planner.

Hhmmm...Itu je kot. Bebel lagi nanti...Bye!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ya Allah...I initially wanted to write about something else. But I just read the dreaded e-mail.

Ok. I don't even know what I am feeling now.